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Last updated March 4, 2013 Thanks to an alert visitor.. There's corrections and an addition to the weblinks page with a photo from February!

October 6, 2012  Today would have been my mom's 72nd birthday. How about a fall update already????

April 4, 2012 Bike is back on the road for the summer.. new set of sneakers, 48,000 mi. service complete.. mold-release already scrubbed off.. now I just need to get my sweetie into riding gear.

 March 10, 2012 another page for today.. this is the first time I've used GoToMyPC to edit the site..   weird.

 December 27, 2011  A page for today's update..  no categorization perhaps for the time being.   For those who do not know it, I am an extremely lucky man and I have lots for which I am thankful.  Thank you, all.

November 10, 2011..   Fall pictures.

July 27, 2011  Boys Weekend XXI.

March 17, 2011  A handful of Winter pictures loaded.. a short review of Boys Weekend.. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

November 2, 2010  Fall pics continue..

October 17, 2010.. Whoa.. thanks for the email..  SO, now it's FALL and I have some pics to post..

July 17, 2010 During Boys Weekend

June 27, 2010  I direct your attention to my newest web-link Sheltienation.com! For the love of the Shetland Sheepdog.

June 11, 2010  A couple random shots..

June 6, 2010  An index picture of 3 out of 12 Lempster, NH windmills includes a four-story barn in the foreground for scale!!   Cell phone pics from Grace Potter's gig and a couple blooms in the back yard...

May 30, 2010  Saw Grace Potter in Lebanon, NH last night and met her briefly at a reception before the show..

May 27, 2010.. A new self-portrait.. a few random shots.. and maybe some more?

April 26, 2010  I've only just begun cleaning house and Spring is almost over!

March 25, 2010   Sugaring photos..

February 12, 2010  Snow, GDI!

February 10, 2010  Old, scanned boys-weekend photos are up...

January 24, 2010 One hundred miles in two days is a lot of snowmobiling on these 'donkey' trails...

January 23, 2010  A couple Winter pictures..  Would you believe it's twenty miles to Shaw's by sled??

January 3, 2010...  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I won't bother 'resolving' to update more often.. I found someone else's tough way to start off the new year.

November 15, 2009  A fall sunset

November 1, 2009  This piracy thing has been on my mind.  It's time to end it before it costs what we cannot afford.

OCTOBER?!? 23, 2009..  Fall has set into full swing..

August 3, 2009..  Back online after a very brief outage.. thank you Joe!

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